Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm back!

Yes I'm back sooooooo soon!  Well a few posts down I told you some crafts you can do with tape and bottle caps!  Well here is bracelet that I made from those can openers!  I also made this bag Out of duct tape!  Yes I have no life to do this!  And yes that is my room!  See yah!  and sorry ZG is once again MIA doing who knows what!  And raise of hands!  who is Seeing Twilight, and James Bond?  i am!

Well that theory is down the drain...

Well first off happy late halloween!  And sorry for not posting this on halloween!  You see my computer crashed, sigh, so I got a new one!  Any way, my heading at the top is probably keeping you thinking, so i'll just blurt it out!  Well you know this blog is about global warming, as told from the girl who rambles.....  Well any way I had the worlds Strangest halloween, it well, IT SNOWED 8 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Know tell me that is not weird?  We also missed two days of school!  and during school we had to stay there, but my dad and neighbor braved the weather and picked up my neighbor Kevin and I.  We left just as soon as they took out the edgar allen poe movies.  After we watched the simpsons I might ad!  Any way my friends didn't get back home till eight thirty!  We didn't get power till the next day.  So as you guessed global warming has turned against us!  It is now Global Freezing!!!!!!!  Any way I'll post in a little.  Toodles!