Monday, March 23, 2009

Car of the future

What goes from 0-60 in nine seconds?  Has FOUR doors a bright cheery red, and a HONDA?  But yet is saving the environment?  Why it's the Honda fcx Clarity!!!!  As many of you know I LOVE cars!  So what makes this car go into the Black Rider Car hall of Fame?  For the fact that this cars, doesn't run on petrol (Gas) and not so much runs on electricity!  But in fact it is run by compressed hydrogen.  Yup hydrogen.  The hydrogen that you use comes from a regular gas pump and cost about the same.  The fuel is mixed with oxygen which powers a battery in the front of the car.  So what are the emissions?  Why you put it together!  Okay! Okay!  it creates perfectly good water!  (H2O get it? =D ) Top Gear (They most awesome show since family guy! and Smallvile!) has exclaimed that this is they most important car for the next 100 years!  I can see why!  On one tank you can go over 200 miles or so, though it isn't the fastest of cars, and it is a Honda!  Hopefully this is just the beginning of the future of cars that could save our earth!  (Hydrogen unlike oil will never run out.)  Though you can only find it California right know, but will hopefully be seen on the road with it's special pumps every where very soon!  Though I like it!  It's edgy it's clean, and it's has a dangerous look to it!  Well ta-ta for know!

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